Dialogue, Collaboration, and Inclusion-Focus of 2023 ASPIRE Stakeholder Summit

Where do stakeholders stand in terms of their interventions post-pandemic and ongoing war in the region? 

  • What challenges and opportunities do they see ahead of them?
  • How can stakeholders collectively make a difference to what lies ahead? 

The 5th Aspire Stakeholder Summit held in Krakow, Poland on April 27, 2023, at the impressive City’s Town Hall Council Chambers, covered these questions and a wide range of topics related to post-pandemic recovery, collaboration, and inclusion of refugees in society.

The key themes that emerged from the discussions were the need for increased collaboration and cooperation between stakeholders, the importance of sustainability and ESG reporting, and the challenges and opportunities of social and economic inclusion of refugees. More importantly, the role of networks and partnerships, especially those led by ASPIRE – such as the Education Hub were highlighted as examples of game-changing interventions.

 One of the main takeaways from the Summit was that excellent progress has been made in post-pandemic recovery, but there is a need to stitch together the existing synergies and move from emergency response to a more systematic approach. The participants emphasized the need for engagement in conversations to open up possibilities of debate and solutions. The problems that individuals face need to become a common problem to solve.

Another key theme was the importance of the business services sector, fundamental to the past, present, and future of the region. The sector includes BPO, IT, and Shared Services, united by the ASPIRE network bringing innovative solutions and expertise to the fore. The speakers highlighted the multiplier effect of the sector on other sectors and its impact on tourism and guests. The participants recommended that the city should focus on sustainable tourism and balance the interests of citizens and tourism.

The Summit also focused on the challenges and opportunities of the social and economic inclusion of refugees. The participants emphasized the need to see refugees beyond the luggage they flee with and recognize their talent, skills, and capabilities. The participants discussed the importance of improving the skills of refugees, providing legal aid, and social cohesion. The summit highlighted the importance of collaboration between stakeholders, including international aid agencies, to meet the needs of refugees.

Overall, the 5th Aspire Stakeholder Summit provided valuable insights into the post-pandemic recovery, collaboration, and social and economic inclusion of refugees. Kudos to all the speakers and participants for an engaging discussion.

 It is clear that there is still a lot at stake and more can be done. The onus is on all stakeholders to come together to work towards the common good. Look up the ASPIRE Facebook and Linkedin pages for event updates and key messages from panelists.

How is the ASPIRE Education Hub making a difference to displaced Ukrainian teenagers impacted by the war?

We commissioned an impact study and asked some students to share their experiences. Watch this video to hear it directly from them! Learn more about the Education Hub here: https://educationhub.pl/

ASPIRE would like to express our sincere gratitude to the City of Kraków and Łódź for their support.