Psychological support of employees  

how to do it safely?


 22-23 May 2023


The subject of supporting the mental health of employees is more and more often taken up by companies. However, there are various trends and fashions that may not always be helpful, and may even lead to solutions that are not always effective or to an additional burden on managers who do not have it easy anyway.

 Together with Mental Health Center we invite you to this year “Majówka ze zdrowiem psychicznym” – conference about mental health. The event will be held online, 22-23 May, in Polish. The conference is addressed to people who decide on the shape of psychological support systems in organizations, as well as to people who will manage difficult situations in which a mental crisis affects an employee or team.

  • How to do it so as not to harm?
  • How to choose experts?
  • What is needed and what is already violating employee boundaries?
  • When do we need to react?
  • Why is it worth taking up this topic?

We invite: 

  • HR BP
  • managers
  • wellbeing ambassadors
  • people who are capable of support in organizations (volunteers).


The program also includes accompanying events:


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Event is held only in Polish.

 ASPIRE is the Partner of the event.